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Hartford Communities That Care (HCTC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), community-based organization founded in 1998, whose mission is to create a thriving, non-violent and drug free environment for youth and families. As a leader and advocate for victims of violence and trauma in underserved communities, HCTC identifies, develops and implements culturally appropriate, high quality and evidence-based crisis response, mental health and supportive programs, partnerships and policies to improve the lives of youth and adult victims of crime and their families.

To address the challenges facing the residents of Greater Hartford, HCTC implements distinct and intentionally overlapped programs and service models to address the social-emotional, behavioral, trauma, academic and workforce development needs of youth and families living in Hartford.


“Thanks to all our partners and supporters, HCTC will strengthen efforts to meet the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of victims of violence in our communities."

Andrew Woods, MSW, VPP


Our Staff

Andrew Woods, MSW, VPP
Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Wilkerson Jr., MBA
Chief Operating Officer

Edward Brown III, MPA
Managing Director, Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy (GHYLA)

Shenell Benjamin, BS, VPP, CTSS
Managing Director, Hartford Care Response Team (HCRT)

La'Shunda Nolen, MSOL, VPP
Managing Director, School-Based Support

Sherelle D. Reid, AS, CCI, VPP, PLCC
Compliance Associate

Johanna Schubert, MSW
Director, CT Hospital Violence Intervention Program Collaborative (CT HVIP)

Lebert Lester III, MA, NCC 
Program Director, Family, Academic, & Mental Wellness (FAM)

Jennika Lebron, BS
Family and Community Enagement Coordinator

Andre Harris 
Visual Media Specialist

Winston Kennedy, VPP
Senior Intervention Specialist, HCRT

Montie Johnson, BS
Intervention Specialist, HCRT

Michelle Walker, BS
Care Manager, HCRT

Carmen Freeman, VPP
Care Manager, HCRT

Dayzra Bournes, RSS, VPP
Peer Educator/Care Manager, HCRT

Darlene Childs, VPP
Intervention Specialist/Administrative Assistant, HCRT

Mark Kirkland 
Intervention Specialist, HCRT

Marylyn M. Hardrick, MSHS
Family Engagement Specialist, FAM

Wiletzie Sanchez, BS
Content Writer/Media Support Specialist

Tyrone Bynum Jr., VPP 
Senior Youth Development Specialist, FAM

Brian Martin, VPP 
Youth Empowerment Coach, FAM

Yvonne Stewart 
Care Manger, FAM

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2550 Main Street | Hartford, CT 06120
Hours: Mon - Fri | 10 AM - 9 PM
Phone: (860) 724-1223
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